“Stand With the Six”

The Palestinian civil society organizations (CSOs) targeted by the Israeli government, alongside partners, have launched a new website as part of our #StandWithThe6 campaign. Visit to learn more and join us in challenging Israel’s attempts to shrink civic space and defund and criminalize human rights defenders. The website consolidates the efforts of our six targeted Palestinian CSOs and provides resources for supporters. The website will be a central space where supporters can mobilize in solidarity with civil society. Visit the website:


“In the Case of the Palestinian People vs. Military Courts” 

Addameer’s Campaign Against Israeli Military Courts focuses on the Israeli military judicial system’s integral role in sustaining and feeding into the primary goal of establishing a comprehensive Israeli apartheid apparatus. Lawyers, detainees and former detainees report a wide range of fair trial violations before Israeli military courts. The Israeli military authorities through the exercise of executive, legislative and judicial powers effectively enforce control over the Palestinian territory, suppress any form of Palestinian resistance against the occupation’s policies, and dissuade the Palestinian people from their right to self-determination.

To know more about how you can Take Action Against Israeli Military Courts click here.


“Stop Administrative Detention”

Addameer’s Campaign to Stop Administrative Detentions, as over 4400 Palestinian political prisoners are in Israeli prisons, amongst them 440 administrative detainees. Administrative detention constitutes an arbitrary policy that Israel uses to hold Palestinians on secret information indefinitely without charging them or allowing them to stand trial. Israel’s use of administrative detention violates several international standards, such as illegally deporting Palestinians from the occupied territory to Israel, denying regular family visits and failing to take into account the best interests of child detainees as required under international law.

To know more about how you can Take Action to Stop Administrative Detention click here.

“Reparations for Survivors of Forced Sterilization”

California Coalition for Women Prisoners‘s Campaign for Reparations for Survivors of Forced Sterilization demands that the state of California be held accountable for the state violence perpetrated against women of color and disabled communities.California should provide reparations for historic and contemporary survivors of sterilization abuse. Between 1909 and 1979, California forcibly sterilized at least 20,000 people of color, people with disabilities, and imprisoned people under its eugenics laws. Between 2006-2010 an estimated 144 women were sterilized without their consent in California prisons.  While reparations cannot undo the serious harm that was caused, it provides recognition to those survivors and can be a deterrent to future violations. To know more about how you can Take Action to End Forced Sterilization click here.

DROP LWOP CAMPAIGN – “End Life Without Parole Sentencing in California”

Over 5000 people are serving Life without Parole, or LWOP, sentences in California prisons. People of color are disproportionately sentenced to LWOP and of the nearly 200 people serving LWOP in CA women’s prisons, the overwhelming majority are survivors of abuse, including intimate partner battering, childhood abuse, sexual violence, and sex trafficking.  

While commuting a sentence does not guarantee release from prison, it does guarantee that each person will have the right to see the parole board in their lifetime, rather than being sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in prison under a “living death penalty.” 

We celebrate the commutation of each and every person, and call for the commutation of all people with LWOP sentences in California prisons.